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D3i Website Support and Training

This training is aimed at enabling you to be able to manage everything on your website which includes creating dynaic WebPages, making important new announcements, adding calendar events, managing the website menu structure and managing users and their privileges.

Training Manuals


Training Videos Please note: – The video will need to download fully before it will start to play, this normall takes around 2 mins through broadband – The files are in the format wmv, most pc and macs will play this format, however if you have difficulty to play, download the lastest version of media player and all should then work, if you arre still having difficulty, contact d3i and will will provide you with an alternative video format.

  1. Introduction to a design3i website
  2. How to use the 3iCMS video tutorials
  3. Log in and control panel
  4. The file structure
  5. Menu structure and categories
  6. Create a menu link to another website
  7. Create a menu link to a document
  8. Creating a webpage
  9. Formatting a webpage
  10. Creating a link inside a webpage
  11. Types of images on a webpage
  12. Resizing images
  13. Insert a lead image to a webpage
  14. Insert a photo in the webpage
  15. Insert a gallery on a webpage
  16. Attaching documents to a webpage
  17. Types and formatting videos
  18. Insert Short video in the webpage
  19. Creating a latest news article
  20. Putting an event in the school calendar
  21. Tickertape announcement
  22. Updating the banner images
  23. Governor Confidential Area
  24. User group, users and permissions
  25. How to put a video on the website using youtube


Support Tools

Links to Photo and Video Converting and Resizing

Link to Pixresizer (good program for resizing photos)

Link to Freemake Video Convertor (good program for formatting video)

  Please note: Freemake video convertor is a good piece of software, it will take any format you record you video in and will then let you convert it to any other  format.However, it is free and they earn money by advertisers. We therefore advise you when installing deselect some of the install options:

  1. On the Welecome to Installation Setup Screen…. untick the box ‘Help make Freemake software better
  2. On the install yahoo community smartbar…… tick custom installation
  3. Then untick the 3 boxes; Install Yahoo Samrtbar, Set default search to Yahoo, Set my home page to……
  4. On the install Opera Browser….. tick custom installation
  5. Then untick the box; Install Opera Browser
  6. On the Select Components…. tick custom installation
  7.  Then click next, next etc and the software will launch.


Website design tools

3I Clik2Site

Website Design and Development Tools

Website Design Specification 2017

Navigation Guide

 How to clear the cache on your browser

School URL’s Explianed

School Website Requirements

d3i Statutory Website Requirement Checklist

If we need to support you by connecting to your pc, please click this text when asked.