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beautiful website design custom built for each school
Beautiful Website Design Custom Built for Each School


easy to update school website design
Easy to Update


tried and tested school website design
Tried & Tested School Specific Solution


school websites meeting ofsted requirements

School Websites that Inspire

We believe that school websites should reflect the enthusiasm and ethos of the School, it should be something to be proud of and above all informative and current.

Above all, having worked with schools throughout the country and listened to the needs of Head teachers, we have developed a website system that addresses the needs of schools and other educational institutions. In other words we know what schools need from a website.

Schools and college websites in the UK have also undergone radical changes. Rather than merely reflecting the information that people already know or satisfying the Ofsted and the DfE recommendations and requirements, school websites now play a bigger role in improving student achievement by promoting parental involvement, ensuring effective communication, and strengthening school-home interactions

school click2site app

A Game Changer when it comes to Dynamic School Web Pages

Our new… Clik2Site iPad & iPhone App

A dynamic website with current content at both school and class level with text and photo galleries straight from a tablet or smart phone in seconds. At the same time no re-sizing or formatting needs to be done.

Another key point is – Information and photos can be updated by the teachers themselves without going anywhere near a PC saving hours of work per month.

Other Incredible Features:

Design3i makes sure that a schools website design and functionality is focused not entirely on school branding and promotion but also in promoting interaction, understanding and communication among students, teachers and parents.

Hence, our school websites feature:

school calendar

School Calendar in order to display all the events of the academic year.

school websites with secured password pages

Secure Passwords  in order to protect pages containing classified information and confidential documents.

school websites with easy menus for website support

Easy Menus in order to offer full support through onsite training, manuals, online videos and site reviews.

easy to search school website design

Search Tools in order to allow website visitors to get documents easily and quickly.

school webistes with photo and image gallery

Galleries  in order to allow insertion of photos quickly, easily and elegantly.

full support with training manuals and videos

Full support through onsite training together with manuals, online videos and site reviews.

school websites with video contents

Video content adds visual fun and likewise brings the school day to life.

school websites with flexible user permissions

Flexible User Permissions  so as to make websites secure and  easy to update.

school websites with efficient- document management

Attaching pdf, word, PowerPoint & excel is quick and simple as well as making the website informative.

school websites with unlimited user and data

Unlimited User and Data in order to allow any number of users and huge amounts of data on the website.

school websites with on off ticker tape announcements

On/Off Ticker Tape Announcements in order to ensure maximum visibility and reach for breaking news like snow closures.

It doesn’t stop there…

Overall there are many other fantastic features about Design3i school websites such as Drag & Drop, Files & Folders, Online Forms, School Newsletters, Head Teacher’s Welcome, Links, and much more.

Design3i helps designing inspiring school websites that nurtures a positive parent-teacher-student relation through every day interactions not to mention fostering a sense of community in each student.

In the first place our website design makes your journey into the wonderful and delightful world of children truly exciting and inspiring. In addition everyone who visits your school website will be able to see the magnificent things that happen in the school, every day. Additionally with bespoke graphics and images of professional quality, Design3i ensures that the website design for schools captures the very essence of the schools with clarity and precision.


Responsive Website Design

It is important to realize that days of one person managing the school website have gone. Hence, school websites need to be easily accessible to parents, teachers and students so that they can get connected in quick seconds on any device –tablets, Smart phones, or iPads. Furthermore Design3i develops website for schools that allows parents to play an active role in child’s development. This enables teachers to significantly support children in all kinds of school activities. Most of all this eventually helps students to shine brightly throughout their lives.

Dedicated Web Pages

Another important aspect is having a dedicated web space for each class that allows teachers to update the class activities and events for the day. Complete with a class welcome page, class topics, homework, special events, children’s work, and galleries and so on, teachers can easily add photographs, video, podcasts, documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint displays and much much more as quick as a flash. As a result, this allows parents to have a clear cut idea regarding the activities at school, what the children should be doing and what’s in the offering.

A page on the website with a gallery of over 80 photos in 5 clicks and less than 2 minutes!!

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