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School Photography

It’s our Passion, that moment, they happen in schools every day,

we capture it for the world to see.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an age old idiom but the incredible photos we capture definitely speak in a loud voice. We freeze beautiful moments as children engross themselves in school activities that encapsulates in all our school photography

We call it ‘Awe & Wonder’ Photography.

Frozen action moments in school photography

School Photography that capture Candid Moments

No amount of words can elicit an emotional response than an incredible image of the smiling faces of a bunch of happy kids talking animatedly with each other. Impressive school photography definitely plays an important role in school digital marketing and promotion. This is because most people skim through the content while photos capture their attention.

Images make an emotional connection with the prospective parents and students more than any number of words. The feeling that children are happy with their school environment is felt more strongly when seeing a wonderful photo of students expressing myriad of emotions as they interact with their teachers or fellow students.

The school is the place where children experience and fathom the joy of friendship, learning and success; the value of respect, encouragement and appreciation; and the true worth of a smile, honesty and character. A professional school photographer can easily capture these emotions in a photo frame.

school photography candid moments

School photography girl listening to music
school photography students chatting
school photography student at work
school photography students baking
school photography students painting

Our Approach

We at Design3i know that photographs are the sure shot means to create a positive impression about the school. The first thing that any prospective parent would like to know is that whether the school environment would be supportive, or caring and whether the school help their children to thrive.

Being adept in college and school photography, we look at the world of children from the perspective of prospective parents. Therefore, we know what does and what doesn’t make a great shot. Instead of making children pose for the photos, we look for opportunities to grab the spontaneous reactions on children’s faces while they do typical classroom activities on any regular day.