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The three i's of vibrant school websites & effective branding solutions

Creative website design and clever application development from our digital team

inform inspire influence

Design 3i is a creative agency involved with the design, branding and all other aspects of marketing for schools, colleges, academies and universities throughout the UK. Be it printed, digital or sign media, our central focus has been on designing and developing products that truly ‘Informs, Inspires & Influences’. We design school websites, school prospectuses, school signs and school promotional videos from the perspective of a Head Teacher. Our School websites meets ofsted school website requirements. This sharpens brand focus and brings clarity that helps in creating a positive image. This eventually leaves a lasting impression on all. With over 20 years of expertise in the creative marketing arena and in-depth knowledge of the education system in the UK it has enabled us to deliver innovative and comprehensive solutions the help you to be remembered for all the right reasons.

‘Seeing is Believing’ Rather than design3i speaking volumes about the advantages of collaborating with design3i, let our work do the talking. We will put you in touch with other schools we have worked with over the last two years so that you know what they think of design3i. We have an impressive list of websites for Primary schools that we have developed. Call us and we will provide you a list of our previous clients.

Butlers Court Primary School, Buckinghamshire URL http://www.butlerscourt.bucks.sch.uk/
Horsenden Primary School
St-Pauls URL http://www.st-pauls.leics.sch.uk
Siddal Primary School
Braidwood Trust School for the Deaf
Aston and Cote Primary, Oxfordshire
pennycross primary school
Greenway Academy
St. Francis Special School
Butlers Court Primary School, Buckinghamshire
Derbyshire Teaching School, Derbyshire

Our Approach

For effortless School, Academy, College and University branding and promotion in the UK, it is necessary to ensure that everything falls into the right place. Hence, we have adopted a four stepped approach namely Consult, Design, Develop, Install / Support.


When it comes to developing School, College and University websites, prospectus, signs or promotional videos, we first prefer to have a thorough discussion with a client centric approach so that we grasp your requirements and ideas. Suggestions are offered and different concepts are discussed in detail before moving on to the design phase.


In this phase, we aim to deliver designs that go well beyond your perceptions, imaginations and expectations – designs that truly complement your purpose. Once a design has been selected, our Graphics Team will come up with a mockup, a visual that gives you an idea about the look of your website, school prospectus, signs and graphics. Once it is approved, we move on to the development phase.


We go to great lengths to get the look and feel right. As small details can make a huge difference, we incorporate any last minute tweaks while at the same time ensuring that the design or the concept are not compromised in anyway.


When the final product is ready and we have your go-ahead, we will launch the school website, deliver the prospectus, install the signs, install the graphics or hand over the school promotional video in a way that suits you. In addition, we will always be there for any support, help or guidance.

Our Team

We are small but committed team intent on developing products that showcase and promote the impact of Schools, Colleges and Universities. Based in the UK and India, we focus on developing incredible solutions that capture the very essence of education. This facilitates effective and effortless school branding and promotion throughout the UK.
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Ian Wilkinson
Business Development Director/Photographer/ Videographer/ Video Editor
With a career spanning over 20 years in developing and marketing high performance outdoor and sports textiles for major global brands and retailers, Ian decided to make use of his experience and acquired skill set in doing something that is much more rewarding and personally gratifying. Six years on, and he is still astonished to see the energy and enthusiasm that the children exudes and continues to love capturing those moments for the world to see.
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John Macrae
Director of Photographer, Videographer and Pilot
An award winning photographer, John has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. Now a commercial pilot for Drone Helicopters, he has brought in a whole new dimension to school promotional videos.
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Raghuveer Shankar
Head of d3i India / Operations Director
Raghuveer Shankar worked with Ian for the world’s largest sports retailer for 5 years before joining d3i and setting up the India design and development operations. With the support of a talented creative team, he and his team provides services not only to the UK clients but now expanding d3i into India by also working schools and businesses in India.
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Head of Web Development
With immense experience in developing websites across different domains, Lockesh has brought numerous websites to life in Design3i. With every website posing different challenges, Lockesh finds it creatively satisfying in turning these challenges to opportunities.