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School Promotional Video

  • By 2018, 69 percent of total Internet traffic will be video (Cisco).
  • Telling the story you want to tell about your school.
  • Communicate the mission statement in an exciting visual way.
  • Show great teaching with positive learning.
  • Inspire Children, Parents, New Recruits and Stakeholders that your school is the place to be.
  • A professionally made school video will make the difference
  • At design3i we have the equipment and years of experience to create a stunning story that will get you the results you want.
  • A well-made, professional School Video will express the ethos, the spirit and the vision of your school in a way no other media can

School Promotional Videos that are Incredibly Impactful

Among the visual media, video is one of the most powerful means to engage the audience. Through visuals and narratives, information can be conveyed that would stay etched in memories. Today schools use School Promotional Videos to impress prospective parents and students alike. But, more than just a means to carry out school branding and promotion in the UK, school promotional videos allow communication of school ethos, values and spirit to the audience effectively. Moreover, every prospective parent and student like to see the enthusiasm, hear the views, feel the excitement and learn about the distinct experience that the students gained from their school or college. And with the visuals that soak up the ambience and the body language of the children and students, prospective children and students can figure out how they can fit in.

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Primary, Secondary and College Videos

How Design3i Helps

According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, “a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” And we at Design3i truly understand that a professionally produced school promotional video is an amazing way to open the doors of the school and view what the life at school would be.

Though school promotional videos are very popular these days, how effective is it in showcasing the school or college largely depends on how it is shot. Getting some child to mouth some uninspiring lines about the school and the faculty would be least impressive. We know that authenticity is the key factor when it comes to school promotional videos. Hence, to make the school promotional video impactful, we focus on capturing natural performances. Through stylish videos that include stunning visuals, exciting music, informal interviews with children narrating their incredible experiences, and many such elements we ensure that from the first sequence to the last, the school promotional video is inspiring, engaging, impressive and impactful.

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HD photography and school experienced direction
CAA licensed aerial footage
professional green screen and audio technology

our approach to school promotional videos

Our Approach

We simplify the whole process by providing you a copy of our Video Guide that gives you the clarity required to chalk out points for getting the best results. After a thorough discussion about your goals and objectives that you would like to achieve through this school promotional video, we will let you know the schedule for the video shoot so that you can be well prepared. Basically it would be a two member crew, who take around 1 or 2 days for completing a video shoot. After editing the footage, we will first send a rough cut for your feedback and a final cut for your approval. Once we get your final approval, we will provide the final school promotional video in HD, Tablet and Mobile formats and also any other format that you may require.