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Cann Bridge School is a
                                                                        City of Plymouth Specialist
                                                                        Provision for young people
                                                                        aged from three to nineteen
                                                                        years with severe learning
                                                                        difficulties and complex
                                                                        additional needs.

                                                                        Part of a four school partnership, Tor
                                                                        Bridge, which is a purpose designed
                                                                        build providing all the learners with
                                                                        the best opportunities and facilities;
                                                                        the partners are Cann Bridge School,
                                                                        Plym Bridge Nursery School, Tor Bridge
                                                                        Primary and Tor Bridge High and this
                                                                        Partnership allows for the learners of
                                                                        all ages and abilities to meet, mix and
                                                                        achieve; the Partnership schools firmly
                                                                        believe that we are:

                                                                                Stronger together,
                                                                             creating better futures.

                                                                        Cann Bridge prides itself on a friendly
                                                                        and welcoming atmosphere which
                                                                        provides security and confidence for
                                                                        the learners.  In this environment it
                                                                        is possible to assess and meet the
                                                                        pupil’s individual needs and, through an
                                                                        appropriate curriculum, time table and
                                                                        individual programmes using appropriate
                                                                        staffing levels, to support the learners to
                                                                        achieve their goals and ambitions.
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