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Cann Bridge School

                                         At Cann Bridge School we are proud
                                         of our school  and we are committed
              We will develop each       to the  development of each individual.               We will deliver a
               learner’s individual                                                         challenging and varied
           potential allowing them to                                                     curriculum within a happy,
            contribute fully to the life       We see every activity as an                  caring and purposeful
                 of the school.
                                          opportunity  for communication and                     atmosphere.
             I am a community             learning, and  strive to maximise and            I am a valued worker.
                   member.                 celebrate  the achievements of all.

                                               We encourage respect and
                                           acknowledge diversity in ourselves
                                                        and others.                            We will provide
             We will equip learners
            with the skills and voice                                                         opportunities for
          necessary to take their role     We appreciate the contribution of                everyone to develop a
                                                                                               healthy lifestyle.
                  in society.
                                         every  member of our community and
            I can make decisions.        strive  to create a safe but challenging           I can make healthy
                                          learning environment promoting  the
                                             independence of  every learner.

                                           We will provide a safe, secure, colourful
                                             and creative learning environment.
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