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How do you help?

                                                                         We are very appreciative of parental
                                                                         support.  Liaison between home
                                                                         and school is an extremely valuable
                                                                         and important part of every child’s
                                                                         education.  All learners benefit from the
                                                                         parents and teacher sharing a daily diary
                                                                         which travels from home to school and
                                                                         back each day.

                                                                         Parents are very welcome to meet and
                                                                         speak with staff on any school, preferably,
                                                                         but not necessarily by appointment.

                                                                         Parent’s evenings are held termly when
                                                                         parents can discuss their child’s progress
                                                                         with his or her teachers.  This is in
                                                                         addition to the Annual Review meeting
                                                                         when the Education Health and Care
                                                                         Plan is discussed.

                                                                         In addition arrangements can also
                                                                         be made to discuss the progress of
                                                                         individual children with class teachers
                                                                         outside of Parents Evenings or other
                                                                         arranged events.
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