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About Us

Design3i is a team of committed school website designers focused in designing and producing printed, digital and sign media that ‘Informs, Inspires & Influences’ for schools and colleges.

We have over 15 years knowledge of the school and education system seen through the eyes of a Headteacher and 20 years creative marketing experience to deliver the right solution at the right time for the right price.

As a full-service agency, we can develop every aspect of your school or college marketing needs – from design to production – providing you with the convenience of a comprehensive highly personalised service.

Design3i makes sure that a school website design and functionality is focused not entirely on school branding and promotion but also in promoting interaction, understanding and communication among students, teachers and parents therefore our school and college websites has many fantastic features such as Drag & Drop, Files & Folders, Online Forms, School Newsletters, Head Teacher’s Welcome, Links, and much more.

We design school Prospectuses that does more than just facilitate effective school branding and promotion, it helps build the school. Design3i comes up with designs that are memorable, authentic and visually appealing.

Our Photo and graphic display boards convey the values, aims and messages that you want to send in a visual, vibrant style. Our school promotional video is inspiring, engaging, impressive and impactful. We create pupil planner designed specifically for each schools and school welcome mats that creates a right impression.

Take a look at our portfolio that showcases some of our work

Rather than design3i tell you all about design3i, let us put you in touch with other schools we have worked with over the last two years to tell you what they think of design3i. Call us or send us a direct message